I have been having such terrible computer troubles. It is outrageous. But, it is also something that we haven’t been able to specifically identify either. Another annoying thing to deal with.

My computer will be running fine, then there is a loud click, and it restarts……but it won’t go anywhere. When I take it anywhere to be looked at….no one can duplicate what happens when at our house.

I am starting to think that it is the house and not the computer. the wiring in the basement where the computer is plugged in, I think was done poorly by the previous owners and this is one of the side effects.

On to other news. I am pretty upset with my MIL at the moment. Of course I can’t go into too much detail on here, it wouldn’t be right. But, let’s just say that I am tired of dealing with something that thinks and responds to things the way that she can at times. Totally wrong in her assessment of a given situation, but you know the waters will be parted before she will admit that she isn’t correct in her assessment. GRRRR! It actually hurt quite a bit finding out she thought this and feels the way she does on one particular topic. I guess now I would say that I am happy (not really…but you know what I mean) my trying to plan a nice birthday surprise for her 60th, didn’t work out like I had wanted it to. I tried to get her Brother Kevin to come down from Newfoundland, and at one point her sister Cynthia and other Brother Danny were going to come too. I even talked to my SIL about her and her hubby making it in from BC….because I feel 60 is a bday to celebrate (any bday is in my books) and she has had quite a number of health issues including an angioplasty operation in 2004 that went wrong and we could have lost her….but we didn’t. So for her to still be here at 60 with some of the things she has gone through…I felt she deserved a special special day! No one could make it from out of town and although I spoke to FIL a few times in regards to it, he didn’t seem to remember anything everytime I did talk to him again about it. So, it ended up being a huge BUST!

With my Husband knowing that I tried to plan this, in part just to give her a great bday and in part to show appreciation for things that she and FIL have done, he is royally peeved at his Mother too for what she said the other day in regards to me.

I wasn’t in a hurry to move, but I can see now that maybe we need to, because the frame of mind that woman has about things…..I don’t want to live around for much longer. But, I am not going to tell anyone else that…only the 1 or 2 people that happen to come across my blog and actually read any of it will know it……for now at least.


Boy Oh Boy!!!


The last few weeks been a crazy time. I really should schedule in my time for blogging, must do that. I need a new planner. Almost the end of the year. I didn’t like the one I had for 2007 and therefore didn’t use it much, and it shows in a bunch of things that I didn’t do quite as well as I would have liked from not properly organizing my time.

I just wanted to pop in and say I haven’t forgotten about my lonely blog, and hopefully starting next week, I can get in here a little more frequently.

We have been busy setting up our Element Team (some like call it Designer Apprentice) at SFS. It has been a whirlwind…..but a lot of fun too.

Like all things, there have been bumps…but I am confident that in the end we are going to have a good thing going.



Here is my Bag Preview.


 AND…5 other Bags are available too!


I am so excited that we have our first Grab Bag sale happening. We originally started talking about this kind of sale in early September, but we had so many really busy designers at that time, that we bumped our first one to October. Now it is FINALLY Here!!!!

We are also having some fun challenges and other happenings at our new forum. It can be found at www.scrappinfreestyle.com/forum. Please excuse the stealth status it has at the moment, we are in the process of adding the buttons to our site.

We are also planning a store-wide sale and 2 chats being held at DST on Digital Scrapbook Day. I hope we see a lot of scrapbook enthusiasts at our chats. We will have freebies, a challenge or two, and a gift for participating in the challenge, with the layouts posted in our gallery at ScrappinFreestyle. More will be posted closer to the date. Also, we have a site blog now, if you want to keep up on the happenings at SFS don’t forget to visit it. You can find that at http://scrappinfreestyle.blogspot.com.

Enjoy the Grab Bags!!

BAD Blogger!!

Man oh man, have I become a bad blogger….lol. I can’t believe that many days has gone by since I posted last.

I have had my head in our store, or at work so much the last little while..lol. It got to the point where my Husband requested that I don’t go on the computer at all over the Thanksgiving weekend. He usually doesn’t ask that of me…so I know I have been on the computer a LOT and very focussed on what I was doing for him to request that of me. OOOps!!

We have had a ton of new submissions at SFS, thanks to our new designers and new products from others. That has kept me busy too.

I just realized that I haven’t had anything to eat today and my tummy is yelling at me for it…so I am off to make a bit of lunch now (at 1:30 pm EST….this site stuff really takes up my full attention…but I love it).

Wow, have the last few days been busy and crazy for me. I had my first ‘crash course’ in when something doesn’t work properly at our store…..eep.

I have been working more hours this week, covering for the other two I work with. It will be nice on the paycheque, but hugely bad timing with the site changes that have happened, and the gallery giving me grief. Thankfully, after tomorrow, I am off till Wednesday night…wooohooo.

Can’t write too much tonight, I have to squeeze in my mega kit contributions to my other two stores still…..gotta take every minute that I can before going to bed.


Sorry to anyone that tried to get Berna’s freebie and the link wasn’t working for them, I have fixed it.

But, this one is not mine.

I am on the CT for the wonderful Berna Datema and she is holding an event called Bollywood Festival this week.

Here is the Freebie link from my Blog!!

Freebie has EXPIRED!
You can see all of the previews of her Release of ‘Best of Bollywood’ at SBG at DigiShopTalk

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Here is the preview to the freebie.